Friday, March 28, 2008

Last will & testament: William O'Brien's grandfather

Dated 9 May 1822.
Proned 15 Oct. 1845 by Tobias Peyton

Wife Frances Peyton (Nicholson), whole right title and interest in the lands of Rusheen in the parish of Ardesare in the Co. of Roscommon. As of hold to name from the Earl of Kingston deed leaving to my son Tobias Peyton the right of renewal with the Hon. Lord Viscount Lord Kingston of the said lands of Rusheen whom the said lease is on. I also leave to my wife two rooms in Knockvicar House, her choice with free egress and regress, two cows, one horse, the best of die possessed of to be well fed and kept free rent during my said wife’s life in the lands of Knockvicar, as mentioned and inserted in my son Charles of Peyton’s article of marriage with Margaret Lloyd?? Date the 10th day of July 1814 or 30 pounds a year during her life which ever she chooses to be paid when -- to her order by the said Charles John Peyton his heirs and assign in 2 even ½ yearly payments on the 1st day of May a year after my decease.

I leave 10 pounds to my said wife. I leave to my son Tobias Peyton whom I consider did not get an equal share of my property at his marriage all my plates, furniture of every description, beds bedding, linen except what my wife may want for her own use or to whom she may choose to give it; Also to Tobias, all my cattle, his paying all my bequests; To my son Nicholson Peyton 2/6; To Charles John Peyton (son) the remaining 2/6, and my clock now standing on my staircase in the Knockvicar Home.
To my dau Eliza Phibbs the sum of 2/6; To my dau Mary Ann Garby 10 pounds, together with John Garby’s provisory note of 20 pound; To my dau Frances O’Brian 2/6; To my sister Martha 5 pounds

To my son Tobias all debts due to me, dated 9-2-1821
Signed Randle Peyton
Add to my son Tobias my lodge home at Grenish and the land about it, and the customs promised to me. R.P. – the Rt. Hon. Lord Vincent Torton

Dated 9 May 1822.
Proned 15 Oct. 1845
By Tobias Peyton

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